Every year I set resolutions for myself, but as many people find, loose sight of them part of the way through the year. This year, to keep myself on track I am going to make an effort to check in with myself throughout the year to make sure I am staying on track with my goals!

Today, seeing as it is almost the end of march, is my quarter year resolution update. For reference, my 2019 goals are posted here.

Completed Goals:

– Go on a solo road-trip

– Post a few videos on youtube (I plan to keep doing this)

Goals Where I have Made Progress:

– I have been reading something everyday, even if it is just a couple pages at night: I would however like to push myself to start reading more and watching less.

– I have gotten myself into more of a running routine than I was in during 2018: I would like to improve this still, but progress has been made.

– Put myself out there more: I have definitely met a few new people in 2019 but I think I can keep improving on this

– I have done some volunteering so far in 2019, and hope to continue this throughout 2019!

– I am always working to improve my content, and I have big plans coming this summer!

– Complete a full year of blogging weekly: Only about a month away from completing this goal!

– Host a blogger meetup: this has not happened yet, but it is definitely in the works and I am very excited about it!

– Mix up the workouts: I am very happy to say that in 2019 I have tried some new things, and loved them!! I’m very excited to continue this.

Goals Not Completed:

– Book a trip to another continent

– Work on more collaborative projects

– Reach the next milestone on @cassidyyhannah

– Put more money into savings

– Travel to a new city

I would love to hear what goal progress you have made this year!! XO

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