what I’m listening to – summer 2023 edition

I’m someone who definitely goes in waves of podcast listening, but I always find I listen to more during summer when I’m out walking or enjoying the nice weather and not looking at a screen. With that being said, as I get back into listening to podcasts on a daily basis I thought it mightContinue reading “what I’m listening to – summer 2023 edition”

recent empties

Hi friends! If you have been following along for a while you know the past few years I’ve really been prioritizing using up what I have for skincare & beauty products. A few years back I started posting my “recent empties” to share products I had recently finished, plus it made a fun way ofContinue reading “recent empties”

my journey as a blogger

Today marks 5 years since I made my first post on cassidyhannah.com. My life has changed drastically since that day. I graduated high school, moved countries, finished my undergraduate degree, fell in love, and had my heart broken. I lived alone and through a pandemic. I took a passion project and turned it into aContinue reading “my journey as a blogger”

the Canadian girls’ Target & Trader Joes must-haves

While I think many people love Target and Trader Joe’s, for those of us north of the border who don’t have regular access to the two stores, going there is truly an experience. I am very lucky to have a lot of reasons to travel down to the States and I never make a tripContinue reading “the Canadian girls’ Target & Trader Joes must-haves”

spring sephora sale

Hi friends! Here is a very exciting reminder that the spring Sephora sale is coming right up! I’ve put together some of my absolute favourite hair, beauty and skincare products for you that can be purchased during the sale, as well as some current wishlist items that I’ve been thinking about. Rogue Members Sale StartsContinue reading “spring sephora sale”