Hey everybody! Hope everyone has had a great first week of April! Let me tell you it has been a BUSY one.

Friday marked my last day of classes of first year, so we have officially started Finals Season. It has been a crazy year, more updates to come on that soon!

I’m really excited to be sharing another spring bucket list today, because that was the first post I ever put up on my blog, which means we are in the final stretch, about to hit one year of blogging. I am really happy with how this past year has gone for me. I was really nervous to start this out, but I decided that I would hold myself to weekly blogging for a year and then could see how I felt about it, and I’m happy to say that I have stuck to it thus far. Once again though, more to come on that soon!

Now what we are really here for today. The bucket list. I always love this time of year because if you live somewhere that experiences all for seasons like I do, it is so nice to finally be able to head outside again, and enjoy some sunshine. So, here is what I am looking forward to doing in the next few weeks:

1. Go to my first baseball game of the year

2. Go for a bike ride – I genuinely don’t know when I did this last

3. Get my first ice cream cone of the year on a warm sunny day

4. Walk more, drive less.

5. Go for a beach walk

6. Watch the sunset somewhere different from where I normally do

7. Read outside

8. Butchart Gardens in full bloom

9. Visit as many farmers markets as I can

10. Go on a weekend vacation

I’d love to hear what you’re hoping to do this Spring!


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