If you don’t already know, I always like to start off a new year with intentions in mind. This doesn’t necessarily mean resolutions for me every year, but instead things I am looking forward to accomplishing or hoping to achieve. As 2019 winds down I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about this upcoming year and these are the goals I am taking with me into 2020.


1. Read at least 24 books – I came so close this year and am fully confident that if I spent a little less time watching TV I would have no problem accomplishing this.

2. Get my first apartment – halfway through 2020 I will start my 3rd year of University and although I’ve loved living with family the past two years I am also really excited to try something new. Expect ALL the decor posts.

3. Travel to a state or province I’ve never been to

4. Stick to weekly blogging – towards the end of 2020 I kinda fell off the train with this, although I am making an effort to get caught up in the missing posts. When the 2nd anniversary of CASSIDY HANNAH rolls around in April, fully expect to see 1 post for every week of the two years that have passed, and expect to see that to continue into year 3.

5. Hit growth milestones on instagram

6. Consistency on instagram – over the past year I go back & forth between posting almost daily, to less than one post a week. Going forward I’m hoping to post almost daily on insta stories, with at least 2 feed posts a week.

7. Create a monthly budget I actually stick to

8. Get back into the gym – I had great consistency at the gym for much of 2019, however towards the end of the year I completely fell off track. I’m looking forward to starting again in January and keeping it up throughout the year

9. Make an effort to be more sustainable

10. Try one new thing a week & document it!

This year I want to focus on carrying my goals throughout the year, and documenting them being achieved. I would love to hear your intentions going into the new year so we can all support each other going forward. Here’s to the best year yet!

XO Cassidy Hannah


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