Hey Friends!! It is finally starting to feel like spring over here so I recently made a little order from Old Navy to pick up some new sundresses & I thought it might be fun to share them with you!

First up was this super cute little leopard dress! It was a little too short on me, granted I’m almost 5′ 10″ so I feel like it would be perfect on most. PS POCKETS!!!

This is such a cute colour and I love a soft tee shirt dress, it just was a little bit of an awkward fit on me.

I thought I would just stick these two together because they’re the same in different lengths & colours but I didn’t love the fit of these two either and the stripes made me feel a little jail-birdy.

I had to save my favourite for last, I have been wearing it on repeat and its so comfortable and easy to wear but so pretty at the same time!! I LOVE a good maxi, and want this in a million different colours and prints now.

Well y’all those were all the items. I ended up returning everything but the last one because I like to keep a strict ‘don’t keep it unless you love it’ rule with my closet, but I think these dresses are still so cute!!

Let me know which one your favourite is!

XO Cassidy Hannah


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