Well hello friends, long time no chat! I’ve been a little MIA on here, and have lots of fun updates to fill you in on, but we will save that for another time, because right now I want to share my favourites from July.

  1. This is #1 favourite of 2021… for the first time in 13.5 months I got to see my parents this month. For those of you that don’t know me personally, my parents are my very favourite people ever. Due to travel restrictions I wasn’t able to see them for the longest time, but we have finally been reunited!!

2. Ginzing SPF 40 – I have used this sunscreen on and off for years now, and have forgotten until now how much I love it. It leaves my skin with the most beautiful glow and I love that it is higher in SPF than most tinted options.

3. The Perfume Collector – this was by far my favourite book of the month. I could not put it down once I started. If you also like the books that have a historical element to them and switch between two story lines I high recommend picking this one up.

4. Physicians Formula Butter Blowout Mascara – You guys, I seriously cannot believe how amazing this mascara is. Not only is it drugstore price, but it is so buildable, and I have had absolutely ZERO smudging.

5. XOXO Botanical Wine Spritzer – XOXO wines sent these over to me and they are SO yummy. Seriously the perfect summer evening drink. Let me tell you these are going to be my drink for the rest of the summer.

Those are my top 5 products of the month – I would love to know what one of your favourites from the month was. Chat soon!

XO Cassidy Hannah


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