my experience living alone

Well friends, today officially marks 2 years since I moved out from living with family into my own space. Since those two years ago when I opened the door to my very own little apartment, I have moved and I live with roommates now, but I did still want to share what that experience was like for me as I know a lot of people are about to be moving out on their own coming up.

First of all, let me preface this by saying that I lived alone during a pandemic. This meant that at times I was living alone in a lockdown where I was seeing virtually no one. To add to that, I had recently had my heart broken for the first time and I wasn’t able to see my parents for over a year due to border closures. Needless to say, there was a lot going on in my life that was challenging to get through. But in those 13 months I lived alone I experienced more GROWTH than I ever could have imagined.

It is a really weird experience when you are having a really awful night to know that no one else is there to pick you up. I am so grateful for my wonderful friends and for facetime, but this time living alone also made me learn how to take care of myself. I cried, I journaled, I went outside, I practiced breathing when I was anxious and it was hard. But I am so much stronger because of it now.

With all the challenges of living alone, came some really, really fun parts. I had been dreaming about living alone and my first apartment since I was little. I have always had a love for interior design and the idea of being able to decorate my space however I wanted was a dream come true. As someone who likes a very tidy and organized space too, I really enjoyed that there was no one around to make a mess. One thing that was so random that I absolutely loved was being able to keep my fridge so clean and organized. It was so much fun to have things exactly how I wanted them. I will note a little disclaimer though, it is expensive! I spent so much money those first few months at Homesense buying things to decorate. So, I would recommend setting aside some extra money before you plan to move out on your own to prepare for this. Also, be really honest with yourself about what you actually need to buy and how much you are comfortable spending on it.

Overall, I would recommend to everyone to live on their own at some point in life. I fully intend on living on my own again in the future, hopefully, the pandemic will have come to a close by that time.

This journey is going to be different for everyone of course, but I hope that my insight was helpful to you. If you just moved out on your own for the first time I hope you are loving it. And if you have any questions, I always love to chat over on Instagram @cassidyyhannah.

I did share a Reel of my old little apartment if you want to check it out: Apartment Tour.

That is all, until next time!

XO Cassidy Hannah


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