march favourites

Hi friends! I cannot believe that March flew by so quickly. It was such a fun month for me with lots of favourites, travel and fun and I am so excited to share some favourites from the month. I have so much fun writing these posts and it makes me so happy to hear that you love some of the same things.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get into my favourites from March.

Ted Lasso – Y’all. So many people have told me I would like this show, but it isn’t a like it is a love. While there are definitely parts that make me emotional (which is why I hesitated to start it) it just brings me so much joy. I am so happy I started it right as they were releasing season three because it meant I could just keep watching. It has been SO long since I’ve found a show that I binged this much.

Organic Tan Sunkissed Glow Spray – I have always been a big fan of tanner mists for my face, and this is by far my favourite (I’m not just saying that because I love Ashley, the owner) but she is fabulous too! The scent is light vanilla but I don’t find it to be overpowering or lingering and it just adds the perfect amount of glow. I mist it on my face and neck every few nights to keep the glow going during the winter. Plus Ashley was so sweet and set up a discount code CASS20 that you can use to shop at

The Paris Orphan – I have been in a bit of a reading rut lately, but this was one book that I absolutely loved. It was told in two storylines, and while you know the stories are related to each other somehow it felt like reading a mystery trying to figure out how they were going to connect. This book was full of surprises, heartwarming moments, and even made me shed a few tears in the end. I loved it!! PS. if you have any other book suggestions please send them my way!

RX Bars – I have loved these for so long but in March I got back into the swinging of having them around again and I just needed to share. I have never tried a flavour that I didn’t like but some of my favourites are Blueberry, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Vanilla Almond, & Chocolate chip. I absolutely love that the ingredients are so simple and I feel good eating them.

Invisalign – I’m not sure I have shared this on the blog yet, but back in August of last year, I got Invisalign with the expectation to have it for just under a year. While I can tell that my teeth have been shifting since the beginning, March was the first month where I (and my family) noticed significant changes and it made me so so excited! Only about 16 weeks to go! I would happily share my experience overall once I am done if that is of interest to people.

Well, friends! Those were my five favourites for the month. If you love any of the same things, or you have things you think I should check out in April please let me know in the comments.

Have a great week!

XO Cassidy Hannah


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