what I’m listening to – summer 2023 edition

I’m someone who definitely goes in waves of podcast listening, but I always find I listen to more during summer when I’m out walking or enjoying the nice weather and not looking at a screen.

With that being said, as I get back into listening to podcasts on a daily basis I thought it might be fun to share the podcasts that I’m listen to. I’m definitely a motivational or comedic podcast girly so if you like the same kind of thing, keep reading I’ve got some great suggestions for you!

The long time favourites

Absolutely Not – Let me tell you this podcast has gotten me through some shit. Heather is the first commedian I ever listened to and immediately I knew I needed to start the podcast from the very beginning, yes that is over 200 episodes of pure comedic geniusness. When I was expereincing a lot of greif last year Heather’s podcast was one of the only things that I could listen to because the girls been through some shit and just tells it like it is.

Match Made in Manhattan – I’ve been following Katy Bellote for years now and was so excited when she came out with a podcast with two of her best friends. I have been a listener since episode one and it always makes me laugh.

The Wellness Cafe – I found Trinity on Instagram about 6 months ago and instantly became obsessed with her overall aestheic. More recently I started listening to her podcast and just love how inspired it makes me feel. This is the ultimate hot girl walk playlist.

Life With Loverly – I am a longtime fan of Brittany. As a fellow blogger she has always been a source of inspiration to me, so this is another podcast that I have listened to every. single. episode of. Her and her assistant Nichelle share such heartwarming and inspirational stories and I always feel more inspired after listening to an episode.

9 to 5ish – This podcast originally started off as theSkimm and it has been so inspiring to me over the years. The hosts interview females who have done really incredible things in their lifetimes. Not only does it tell the story behind some of my favourite brands, each episode is full of wisdom, tips, and incredible stories.

Nothing Much Happens – I listen to this podcast every single night. It has truly changed my sleep. Each story is calm and relaxing and is the perfect distraction from overthinking things at night and helps me fall asleep so much faster than I used to.

Podcasts I’m just starting to listen to

Dolly Parton’s America – You may not know this about me but I have been a Dolly fan since I was born. Yes, I really mean that. When I would start crying as a baby, my parents would play her music and I would instantly stop and become wide-eyed. So, when I found out she had her own podcast I had to listen to it. It’s a shorter series of episodes and I’m just starting to listen but they’ve been really facinating so far and have told the stories behind her music.

Gals on the Go – I’ve been a fan of both Brooke and Danielle for a long time and just decided to try giving their podcast a go. So many of the episodes are fun girl talk episodes and I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve listened to so far.

ILYSM – I have also been following Kenzie Elizabeth for a long time and love watching her vlog so I just decided I would start listening to her podcast. I’m really excited to hear that she wants to start sharing more solo chatty episodes and think they will be perfect for going on walks or feeling like I’m chatting with a friend in the car.

The Unofficial Expert – In the past few months I started following Marie on instagram because I simply love her dating story reels that she shares so when I found out she had a podcast I had to listen. It looks like its been a few years since an episode was recorded but there are tons of episodes that have all been so funny so far.

Work Life – This episode came from a recommendation from my mum because she knows I really love podcasts that give career advice and tell stories of how people made it to where they are in their careers. I haven’t listened to much so far but there are tons of familiar names that come onto the show as guests and I am excited to get into listening to more.

Well those are all the podcasts that I have on the go right now. If you have any suggestions of what others you think I might like, please let me know! I of course want to hear if any of my favourites are favourites of yours too 💗

XO Cassidy Hannah


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