With the changing of seasons, comes the changing of products! Here are my must have products for spring to keep you feeling fresh and gorgeous!


Rose Water (I also love the trader joes option!): These make the perfect makeup primer, and can be a refreshing mist throughout the day.

Micellar Water: I love using this as my cleanser in the morning, it’s the perfect start to a day and my makeup applies great afterwards.

Sunscreen Moisturizer: This moisturizer has become my daily go to, it’s important to have sunscreen on, but this has an amazing formula that feels like nothing, and is very nicely moisturizing. Plus the price is great!

Sheet Mask: I don’t have any particular go to facemasks, but this clear skin, I’m Real mask always works wonders on my skin. Another great place to check out facemasks is FACETORY click the link to get up to 4 free sheet masks with your puchase!

Gradual Tanning Lotion: This lotion has worked wonders for me. Heading into spring I love wearing dresses and shorts but hate feeling so pale, this is the perfect solution. The tan gradually appears as you apply the product regularly so you never have to worry about it looking fake!


Dewy Foundation: I’ve found this foundation to be a holy grail for me. Not only does it look super natural on the skin it additionally contains SPF and the price is unbeatable!

Brightening Concealer: I’ve started using this under my eyes daily and I can’t describe the difference it has made for me, I have yet to have dark circles bad enough that this can’t help

Ultra Strength Concealer: This is another great concealer that I have been using lately. It does an amazing job covering everything and the coverage lasts a long time!

Blush: I absolutely love this blush! It is such a cute, and perfect for spring colour that looks super natural on, and contains a little shimmer to it as well!

Bronzer: I’m not sure that I will ever use another bronzer again. Not only does this apply wonderfully and have a great colour to it (lots of options available)it also smells incredible too. If you can’t be getting a bronze at the beach you might as well smell like you are!

Benefit Mascara: This mascara is a go to for me. It has incredible lengthening benefits and all though its not water proof I have never had a problem with it running! Definitely an amazing option if you accidentally end up going for a swim!

Too Faced Mascara: This is a new product for me but I love it! It has incredible volumizing qualities, however make sure you stay away from water with this one cause baby it runs!

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