Today I am sharing with you my go to masking routine. This is what I do whenever I feel like my skin really needs a boost, and I go ALL out! I always find amazing results after doing this – hope you do too.

Step One: Once all makeup is removed, apply your favourite mud mask all over you face. Don’t worry about it being too drying, this will be fixed later. Personally I love Origins’ mud masks, and Glam Glow’s super mud clearing treatment.

Step Two: Apply moisture back into the skin. I like to either apply a facial oil on my face, or mix the oil with a moisturizer I love and apply that to the face. I the oil is an essential part of this routine, because the oils (I love coconut and maracuja) have really amazing qualities. I find both these masks to even my skin-tone and reduce any scaring I have

Step Three: Apply a sheet mask! Applying a sheet mask after the first two steps will help restore moisture in your skin it also helps your skin absorb the oils.

I usually do this once a weekish at night before I go to bed, and wake up with glowing skin in the morning. Best of luck, and let me know your go to masks.

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