Ever since I was about 8 years old I feel in love with decorating. At the same time however I’ve never had a space that I really could decorate, either because it was too small, shared, or under construction. That is until now…

Whenever I imagined decorating my room, I always had a specific vision in mind – bright whites with pops of things I love. Having a full lilac room, walls and carpet included kind of threw a loop in these plans however.

Instead of thinking as not having the colour scheme I wanted as a disappointment, I instead decided to think of it as an exciting challenge.

My biggest concern in having the lilac walls was that my room would immediately look childish, which is the opposite of what I wanted. To avoid this from happening I tried to keep the rest of the colours in my room really neutral, mostly being whites with the odd gray mixed in.

The other aspect of the room I put focus into was the storage. Other than the small closet on the far wall, this is the extent of the space that I had. To counter not having a dresser I really like to have a bed that has drawers under it to keep anything in that I don’t hang up.

Another place that can be somewhat hidden storage are bedside tables. While almost everyone has bedside tables, they’re not always taken advantage of as being extra storage. I love these white ones from ikea because I feel like I can keep a lot of extra stuff in them.

My final secret storage area in my room was the little cart that I kept next to my door. I really love having this space for “on the go” type of things. I keep my purse and keys on the top shelf, along with a couple apple sauce pouches because you never know when you might need a snack. I also keep a couple of perfumes here incase I feel like a spray as I am on my way out.

The next shelf has a bunch of bath bombs as well as my travel bathroom bag, and finally the bottom shelf has all my hairsprays and heating tools. Since I don’t have any storage in my bathroom this area is almost like a shower caddy for me so I can grab what I need on the way to the bathroom.

Though I like to keep a very minimalistic room, because I am away from home I wanted to bring in a couple touches of things, and people I love.

On the back of my door I had an existing cork board, but because I didn’t particularly love the look of it, I took a piece of poster paper to fit the back and then took a bunch of fun marble pushpins to hang it up. From there I added all of my polaroid pictures, grouped by event they’re from!

Under the polaroid section I have hung a couple other pictures that are special to me as well as the FALLinLOVEwithYOURSELF calendar by Sam Orzkural!

On the floating shelves next to my bed I have 2 more pictures, a candle in a cute little dish that I thought matched the room nicely, makeup brushes, and a tea cup from my great grandmother on the bottom shelf. On the top shelf I have a couple more purfumes, a jewelry box from my dad and a couple books/notebooks that I wanted to have with me.

I had so much fun decorating this room, and sharing with you! Hope you enjoyed!


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