Between school and trying to keep a social like I feel like it is so easy for everything to get a little out of hand. Sometimes my life actually looks like a mess and other times it’s just internal, but either way sometimes I like dedicating a Friday night to getting it all back in order.

Today I am going to share my favourite Friday night activities to give myself the chance to reset a little bit.

1. Get home and get comfy. After a long day and I long week I am very ready for a night full of sweatpants and coziness, and so it is the perfect first step.

2. Bring back some order. No matter if the space around me looks like a complete disaster or not, I like to do what I can to feel a little more organized again. I like to at least pick up anything that may be in the wrong spot. I also like to take this time to clear off my desk, wipe it down and make sure everything is all organized before putting it back. Because I like to keep my planner out so I always know what is happening, I will take this time to add whatever I can think of to a to-do list for the weekend.

3. After my little clean session it is time for some food in my belly. I try to find a healthy balance for meals like these because I want a combination of comfort food, but healthy enough that it won’t make me feel gross later. I’ll be sure to share some recipes for these types that I like soon. During the cooking and cleaning portion of my night I love listening to @KalynNicholson13’s Coffee Talk Playlist. It always puts me in such a good mindset and makes me feel so motivated and ready to go out and live my very best life.

4. Next is my favourite. Baking. I love that it makes the house smell so yummy and I have always found it such a relaxing activity. Usually I’ll put on a show or movie while I do this and feel all the cozy vibes.

5. Once I have finished baking, cleaned up and enjoyed my fresh treats, I like to take the remainder of my show/movie to the tub. This is one of the most relaxing things I find for myself, and I love adding a bath bomb to make it even better!

6. Bring on the cozy. It’s now time to get in your comfiest pj’s, light that yummy candle and hope into bed.

7. Here’s the part of my evening where I like to go full force mindful. Recently I have started incorporating the Simple Habit app into my nightly routine and I can honestly say it feels like it has made a huge difference for me. Even just doing a 5 minute meditation in the evening has made me more aware, and I’ve been noticing that I am handling stress much better than before. This app is on my phone, so I take the time before starting the meditation to turn off notifications and create an alarm if I need one so I am not using my phone again after the meditation.

8. Write the good things. For a couple months now I’ve written down 3 things every night that were good about my day. I really like taking the time to appreciate the good thing, and even if I hadn’t had the best day, avoid dwelling on the bad things before bed.

9. One of the big reasons that I watch my show while baking and during the bath is because I’ve been trying to avoid watching things in bed. I like to take this time to read, which is another things that I’ve been finding to be extra relaxing lately. I have always loved to read, but since I always had so much reading to do for school in recent years, until lately I stopped reading for fun. So to compensate for that I have been choosing a book to have on the go at any given time that i just for fun.

10. While I like to try and get to bed decently early on these nights I really try and do what feels best for my body. Because my phone is off and I’ve done everything I need to, to feel as relaxed as I can, I don’t mind if I end up staying up a little later if I am just reading. Then lights out.

Thank you so much for reading and be sure to let me know what you like to do for a relaxing, mindful evening. XO

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