After many years of competitive swimming and completely destroying my hair I’m slowly working on restoring all the damage I’ve done in the past. Today I am sharing with you a compiled list of all my favourite hair products.

For those of you that don’t know my natural hair colour is this dirty blonde. During the summer my hair gets lots of natural highlights, and has red undertones in it. I’ve never died my hair before and so because of the highlights I get during the summer I do get some noticeably darker roots in the winter.

I always like to start off a haircare routine with a hair mask, my favourite one right now is the Briogeo: Don’t Despair Repair conditioning mask. This mask is great because it has no sulfates, silicones and parabens and doesn’t have a harsh smell. I usually try and leave hair masks in for at least 20 min but sometimes I’ll leave them in for more like an hour.

I try and do a mask every week and a half or so depending on how dry my hair is.

Following a hair mask I always actually wash my hair rather than just rinsing it out. My favourite shampoo and conditioner lately has been the Lather mint thyme hair wash and avocado mint hair repair. I have been using this on and off since the beginning of August, and I just love how natural it is and how shiny it makes my hair. Once again these products are free of parabens and sulfates as well as synthetic fragrance, colour, and mineral oil. These products smell absolutely incredible and so natural which I think is amazing.

I usually try and wait at least 3 days between washes on my hair.

After washing my hair my routine can either go one or two way depending on weather I plan on using heat on my hair or letting it go au’ natural.

If I am going to be straightening or curling my hair, I will put the Living Proof 5-in-1 styling treatment. This product makes my hair so shiny and smooth and it is a perfect primer before doing something to my hair.

If I am going to be leaving my hair natural I try and enhance my natural curls as much as possible, and use the DevaCurl Coconut curl styler. I will squish this into my hair to form curls. I love the way this smells, it is sulfate paraben and silicone free, and I always get my best looking curls after using it!

As for products to use much later in a routine, I always use the Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo the Sexy Hair: Spray and Play Hairspray. I love that Not Your Mothers products both come in unscented options, because I always find that my hair is too overpowering if every product I use has a different fragrance to it. Plus they have great price points! The Sexy Hair Hairspray does a great job holding your hair and doesn’t make your hair too sticky.

Be sure if you have any more recommendations for me! I always love testing new products out.

I hope you enjoyed and have a great hair day! XO

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