This holiday season I wanted to make a bucket list in the form of a daily calendar, with one special festive activity a day. So today I’m going to share with you what my plans this December are!

1. The Magic of Christmas at Butchart Gardens

2. Decorate my room (DIY maybe?!)

3. Bake some Apple Cider muffins

4. Mariah Carey Christmas album

5. Evening hot cocoa run

6. Hallmark movie night

7. Homemade kettle corn

8. Christmas gift shopping

9. Visit the gingerbread showcase

10. Go see the Festival of Trees

11. Shopping at the Bay Centre (or another festive mall in your area)

12. Gilmore Girls Christmas episodes ( S1 Ep. 10, S7 Ep. 10&11)

13. Buy someone else their coffee, just because

14. Read a book by the fire

15. Have/attend a holiday party

16. Starbucks Carmel brûlée coffee (my seasonal favourite)

17. Burn a holiday candle

18. Send an old friend a message that you’re thinking of them

19. BFF gift exchange

20. Gingerbread cookies

21. Wish a stranger happy holidays

22. Peppermint mocha

23. Watch The Holiday

24. Go to sleep in your very best christmas PJ’s

25. Celebrate with family

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