my updated skincare routine

Hi friends! I’m very excited to be sharing today’s post with you. I have collaborated with Glow Jar Beauty to share my updated skincare routine. For the first time ever, I have actually stuck to a consistent routine for over a month and I’m excited to share the routine and the before and after picturesContinue reading “my updated skincare routine”


Well, friends, it’s that time of year again! With the Sephora sale being back and the holiday’s being right around the corner I thought I would share my picks with you. I’m pretty well stocked on these items right now, so I won’t be shopping the sale much, but I thought I would share myContinue reading “WINTER SEPHORA SALE PICKS”


Hi Y’all! Welcome back! The best part about this recipe is that you can totally mix it up depending on what you have in your fridge. I’ve been making this for years and my favourite part about it, is that it makes the best leftovers EVER, so it’s perfect for meal prep. I’m listing outContinue reading “EASY GLUTEN FREE WINTER DINNER RECIPE”