At the end of the year as much as I love looking forward to the next year, I think it is also important to acknowledge the past year. I think 2018 has been a year of growth for me, and want to recognize the most important things I’ve learned this year.

1. If there is something you want to try, don’t let fear discourage you – that’s how I ended up with this blog!

2. Be yourself. The people who you really want in your life will love your for it

3. Never underestimate the difference that being genuine makes

4. First impressions count, people often remember how you first met. Make it count

5. When you’re feeling stressed, run. You will feel better afterwards

6. Open up, don’t let yourself bottle things up, it makes it harder to get through.

7. Spend as much time in the sun as you can, and when you can’t take Vitamin D

8. Travel as much as you can, it’s worth loosing sleep over

9. Spend time appreciating the good parts of your day, don’t stress over the bad parts.

10. You’ll appreciate the time spent reading something more than the time spent watching something

11. Goodbyes are hard but its better to enjoy the time you have together, rather than dreading the goodbye

12. As cliche as it is, BREATHE. You’ll handle situations better the more calm you are. I found for myself that having a breathing exercises app helps me a lot.

13. Find what makes you laugh and keep it close. It’s the best cure for a bad day.

14. Crying is not a sign of weakness.

15. Put family first. They would do the same for you.

16. Making new friends, in new places is hard, but it will happen.

17. Feeling scared isn’t always a bad thing.

18. Don’t put things off. You’ll always regret it in the end.

Here’s to 2019! XO

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