At the beginning of every year, I always make a list of things that I hope to do, that might push me outside my usual comfort zone a little bit. Even though I think it is great to make goals at anytime, the new year always gives me a big push. Today I am sharing my 2019 goals!

1. Travel to a new city

2. Read something for myself everyday

3. Put more money into savings

4. Get into a running routine

5. Reach hit the next milestone on @Cassidyyhannah

6. Put myself out there more, introduce myself to people more often

7. Volunteer more

8. Go on another solo road-trip

9. Work to improve my content

10. Complete the full year of weekly blogging, then keep going!

11. Mix up workout’s more, maybe try some classes

12. Host a blogger meet up

13. Work on more collaborative projects

14. Post at least a few videos on youtube

15. Book a trip to another continent

Please share your goals with me too! XO

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