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Today I am sharing with you the products I received in the Influence Her Collective Summer Essentials box, and what I thought about them! A big thank you to Influence Her Collective, and all the companies that participated this season for selecting me to receive this box.


Kan Von D Go Big or Go Home Mascara & Ulta Ink Liner – I was very impressed by this mascara and ink liner combo. The liner might be my new favourite with a tip that can be used for a very tight line if you’re going for a subtle look, or a dramatic cat eye. I really appreciate that this liner is firm with only a slight bend at the tip giving you the most control possible. I also was really impressed by the mascara; it has a very buildable volume formula which can also go from a very naked eye look to bold and dramatic. The other thing I love about this mascara is that it is cry-proof but doesn’t require scrubbing to get it off.

Crayola Take Note Markers & Highlighter Pens – I think that these new Crayola take note products are perfect for making organizing way more fun! The Highlighter pens are double sided, making them the perfect study tool, with a fine point pen on one side, and the other side being a wide highlighter. In my opinion the highlighter tip is one of the best sized highlighters I’ve seen for highlighting notes. The permanent markers with comfort grip are also great because they don’t bleed through a page & can be used to write on almost all surfaces.

Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners – These liners are designed to resist twisting & bunching, they are unscented and designed to lock in fluid faster & have 8 hour odor control for all day freshness making them perfect to throw in your bag for a busy day.

OtterBox Symmetry Series Phone Case – I chose to get this phone case in the completely clear version, but this line comes in lots of fun patterns and designs. I love that these cases are cute while still keeping your phone protected without the excess bulk.

Kensington Publishing Books – The books I received included Where The Missing Go, Some Choose Darkness and Paranoid. Unfortunatley I haven’t had the chance to read these yet but they are being added to my reading list and I will give updates once I finished them.

Summer’s Eve Fresh Cycle Cleansing Cloths – I have always been a fan of Summer’s eve cleansing cloths and these ones do not disappoint! I love that they are easy to toss in your bag and make the world of difference when you feel like you need a little refresh. They make the perfect addition to every purse, backpack, and travel bag.

Her Campus Drink Tumblr – Seeing as it is summer now, it is so important to be staying hydrated. Having a cute drink tumblr like this one makes it so easy to stay hydrated & I love that it helps save plastic as well!

Thank you for reading! XO


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