Hello & welcome back! Lately I’ve been reflecting a lot on how incredible of a city Seattle is, especially during summertime. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite ways to spend a day in the city during summer.

Go for a swim – Seattle has a number of amazing beach locations, some fun options are Magnuson Park, Golden Gardens, Green Lake & South Lake Union. Many places also offer paddle board / canoe rentals too!

Walk with a view – If you’re looking to get out and go for a walk, there are a lot of places to go with gorgeous views! My personal favourite is the loop around Green Lake at about 3 miles it provides gorgeous views anytime of day

Downtown shopping – Walking around downtown during the summer can be another really fun way to spend the day. You can walk from the Seattle Center to Pike Place Market, and check out tons of fun shops in between. Downtown Seattle has a great combination of your popular traditional stores and small local boutiques. There is also a wide selection of great coffee shops, cafes and restaurants in between!

Visit a farmers market – Around Seattle, most neighbourhood has a weekly farmers market which are really fun places to walk around on a nice sunny day, in a few weeks I have another blog post coming out, outlining all the farmers markets in Seattle, when & where they are, and why I like each one!

Watch the Sunset – Some of the best sunsets I have ever seen have been in Seattle, and we have lots of beautiful places to watch them. Golden gardens is an amazing option if you want to sit on the beach. The views from Capital hill are absolutely incredible because you can see the skyline and the water as well. The Magnolia Bluff, and Kerry Park are other great spots if you want to sit and watch the sunset with city views. I also love driving over the Ballard Bridge at sunset!

Next time you’re in Seattle I hope this helps find you something fun to do!


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