Good morning & Happy Sunday!

I had full intentions of another post going live this morning but when I woke up this morning that just didn’t feel right. For the past few days I have found myself more anxious and restless than usual and I knew this morning I needed to do something to get myself back on track.

Firstly I want to note that I understand doing these simple things isn’t going to change everything and make it better, however, I did know that I wanted to enjoy my Sunday and doing these things this morning I believe put me in the best headspace to do so.

This Morning:

1. I started off this morning by tiding my space. I don’t mean I did a big clean or anything like that but I made my bed nicely, picked anything up off my floor and started a load of laundry.

2. I followed the tidying up with a bit of relaxing: I put an eye mask on, watched the newest Kalyn Nicholson’s Koze video which was just what I needed this morning and drank a Rose Lemonade, which let me tell you was delicious!

3. Normally when I am feeling extra stressed I find that exercising helps a lot, however this morning I was feeling really sore from the recent workouts I have been doing & it was such a lovely day out that I thought it was the perfect morning for a walk. In my neighbourhood on Sunday Mornings we have a farmers market so that’s where I headed.

4. I personally love listening to music while I walk which is exactly what I did this morning. Todays picks included Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins because its the perfect calm music to listen to on a walk (honestly still listening to it now as I write this)

5. Although I have been trying to make coffee at home more often to save money I thought this would be a nice morning to take myself for coffee. To be clear though, I don’t mean go through a Starbucks drive through on my way to wherever I am headed. I found a local coffee shop this morning, ordered a Vanilla latte and sat and drank my coffee in peace.

6. Finally I walked through the market and bought myself some fresh flowers because I always love having those in my room. I think flowers are a great thing to purchase when you need a little pick me up because they don’t have to be expensive but can really brighten up your space.

Now I’m off to make some breakfast (probably those delicious pancakes I posted about yesterday) & read outside in the sun!


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