Every so often I like to compile a list of all the lovely ladies I’ve been getting inspiration from lately. Here are the ladies that I’ve been following along the most with lately. These girls are beautiful inside and out and I absolutely love seeing what they create. If you’re looking to be inspired I would highly recommend checking them out.

Kennedy Frazer – Kennedy was one of the first bloggers I ever followed after starting my page. From the get-go, I loved her personality, super cute outfits, and the fitness inspo! I especially loved that she was also in school at the time I started following her. It was so inspiring to watch someone be so successful & navigate university at the same time. I’ve said it many times before on my Instagram, and I won’t stop. Follow this girl!

Dani Austin – I have been subscribed to Dani’s youtube channel for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until following her on Instagram until I realized how truly incredible she is. This girl is SO REAL, shares such fun adventures (did you hear about the crazy southwest story?!), and has the cutest style. I absolutely love keeping up with her stories and finding outfit inspiration from her.

Bre Sheppard – I didn’t come across Bre’s Instagram page until recently but let me tell you I am so happy that I did. She is such a sweet ray of sunshine and I’m absolutely obsessed with her style. Plus it is so fun to see a fellow Seattle girl. Keeping my fingers crossed that I run into this sweet girl one day!

Kristin – I feel beyond lucky that I came across Kristin’s page shortly after starting my own Instagram. It has been so incredible watching her journey and see the incredible growth that she has had. I have been loving watching her new home get decorated and come together & I also always love seeing all the delicious dinners she prepares on her stories. This girl is a sweetheart!

Kalyn Nicholson – Kalyn is the big sister I never had. I have been following her for years. Her podcast is one of my favourites that I have ever listened to and I absolutely adore that she always talks about the things that other people don’t want to. Not only is her aesthetic absolutely stunning she also just seems like a truly incredible human. Really wanting to hop on a plane to Toronto and become friends ❤

Katy Bellotte – I started off being subscribed to Katy’s youtube channel and found so much beauty in everything she creates. I eventually followed her Instagram & and now a regular listener to her podcast and truly didn’t realize what I was missing. She has such an incredible aesthetic and I feel constantly inspired by her. If you’re not following her already I would HIGHLY recommend it and make sure you check out her stories too. True art.

These are a few of the lovely ladies that I’ve been incredibly inspired by lately. I would love to hear if you follow any of these girls, and who else you have been inspired by lately.

XO Cassidy Hannah



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