As February 14th draws near I am compiling some fun activities that we single ladies can get up to! Despite not being in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is still one of my favourite holidays and I like to make the most of it with my bffs!

Depending on what you are feeling there are a couple of ways to celebrate. I either like to get all dressed up or have the ultimate level of comfiness.


This is going to be my Valentine’s day of choice this year. Complete with face masks, pj’s, movies and cookie baking. As much as I do love getting all dressed up and taking pictures with my ladies, I’m all about the nights in right now.

I like to start these nights out by picking up my favourite take-out. For me, this is almost always Thai food. I always make sure to have all the yummy snacks on hand. After dinner, get some heart-shaped cookies in the oven, put your face mask on and get those Rom-Com’s going!


– 10 Things I Hate About You

– The Proposal

– He’s Just Not That Into You

– Friends With Benefits

– To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (can’t wait for #2!)

– How To Lose A Guy In Just 10 Days

– 27 Dresses

– 13 Going On 30

– Love Rosie

– What If

– La La Land

– Pitch Perfect

– Falling Inn Love

I’d love to hear what your favourite movies are so I can add them to my list. Hope your February 14th, no matter who you are spending it with is full of lots of love ❤️

XO Cassidy Hannah


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