I don’t know about you, but the start of 2020 has been a bit rocky for me. Between dealing with things in my personal like & the fact that it has rained nearly every day of the year so far, I found myself becoming less motivated.

I’ve been really excited about what 2020 has in store for me and didn’t feel like this lack of motivation was going to get me to where I want to be, so I decided I needed to make some changes. I’ve spent the past few weeks compiling a list of habits I’m trying to incorporate into my life on a daily basis which makes for better days. Obviously doing these on a daily basis doesn’t fix everything, but it certainly gives me a better outlook on the day.

I think the most important part of starting a new day is going into it with a positive mindset. Whether this is done by finding things in the morning that get you excited, or just avoiding negative thoughts first thing in the morning, your day will be off to a much better start. I personally like to always start my days with a cup of coffee. I find that I have better mornings when I am up earlier and give myself time to sit and enjoy my coffee rather than feeling rushed.

I also make sure I drink a full glass of water and take my vitamins first thing in the morning. Especially in the winter, I make sure I take vitamin D daily.

Another morning habit I like to incorporate is reviewing my To-Do-List for the day. Staying organized and knowing exactly what’s on the agenda for the day helps me relieve stress and have a better day.

This is such a cliché tip, but I think it is so important to stay active. On days where I’m having a particularly bad day, the best thing I can do for myself is go on a run. While it might feel like just about the worst idea beforehand, I always feel so much better after.

I also think that going for a walk can be a nice little reset. Being in the fresh air always makes me feel better. I love to throw on some fun music or a podcast and just walk.

This leads me to my next time which is to listen to something inspiring. I’ve started listening to so many more podcasts lately because I find they can be really helpful for getting out of my head and focusing on my positive things. My current favourites are The Coffee Talk Podcast and Thick & Thin.

My next tip is to connect with people in your own life. When I’m feeling on the low side I like to reach out to those I love and check in on them. I always love getting little surprise messages from friends, so I like to make sure I’m doing this for others as well. Even if it’s just a simple good morning or goodnight text I love to check in with people.

I have found lately as well that reading always seems to make my days better as well. I often find myself getting bored watching TV shows or Youtube videos, but I am able to get lost in a story if I’m reading it. This can be a nice way to forget about what’s going on in your own life if need be.

Finally, every day, especially bad days though it is important to schedule time for yourself. For me, this means wrapping my day up a little earlier than need be so I can take a bath in the evening.

During this time, I like to turn my phone off and either just relax or read my book.

I hope some of these tips helped you, I’d love to know if you incorporate any of them into your routines, or if there are other things you like to do to make your days better.

XO Cassidy Hannah



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