I’ve always prided myself on my ability to stay organized. Whether this is staying on top of assignments I need to complete for school, other appointments and obligations or keeping the space around me organized.

Because I know staying organized is something that a lot of people struggle with, today I wanted to share some of my favourite tips for staying organized!

School Organization:

1. First things first, a good planner is a MUST for me. I have been using the Fringe 17-month planners for years now and am absolutely obsessed with them. I love how they provide enough space for me to write down my daily tasks on the weekly spread.

2. I have found it really helpful for school, to use a different colour planner for each class I am in. Not only does this make my planner fun and colourful it also helps me remember what assignment is for each class without having to write as much.

3. Lately, I’ve been organizing my planner by having a To-Do-List for each day & the due dates for assignments highlighted in my weekly spreads. In addition to this, in the monthly spread, I have the dates of any midterms or exams highlighted so I’m aware of the big things I have coming up in the future.

4. Any assignments I complete during the day I will cross off in the weekly spread, and anything that isn’t finished I will re-write for the following day.

Life Organization:

1. In addition to having a different highlighter for each class, I also have a highlighter for my ‘life events’ whether they are trips, coffee dates or appointments.

2. When I have a new item to include in my life section, I write it in my planner in the weekly spread, highlight it purple then add it as an event in the calendar on my phone.

3. If I’m making a To-Do-List for the weekend I will occasionally make these in the Reminders app on my phone in which case I will add these events and include the time so I can plan out my day that way. Usually, if I’m making a To-Do-List in the app I try and make it in order of how I’m hoping to complete the tasks.

4. I also find it helpful to schedule things in a reoccurring manner if possible. For example, I know that I always have a break on Friday mornings so I do my best to make that I time where I catch up with friends over coffee because this is a priority that I try and make happen at least once a week.

Home Organization:

1. I also do my best to keep all my home things on a schedule as well. For example, I always wash my sheets Friday mornings & always do a desk reorganization on Sunday mornings. By putting these on a schedule it ensures that they are getting done on a regular basis and aren’t being forgotten about.

2. I also make sure I make my bed EVERY MORNING. This takes such a little amount of time out of my day every day but makes such a big difference in how clean everything looks.

3. Tidying my makeup drawer & closet are other things that I do my best to keep on a weekly schedule to ensure that things don’t get out of hand. I find it helpful to do all these things weekly because it takes such a small amount of time then. If I let the messiness build up over time then it requires so much more of a clean.

4. Finally, I make sure that whenever I do laundry I put it away right away. Laundry is one of those things that can build up so fast & get so out of hand if they’re not done right away

Hope some of these tips helped you out! If you have other tips that you like to use to stay organized please share them!! All about being as organized as possible!

XO Cassidy Hannah


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