In the midst of everything going on right now, I am spending a lot more time on the couch watching shows. While I usually don’t like to spend too much time doing this, social distancing is so important right now, and we’ve got to keep ourselves entertained somehow! Today I’m sharing a list of all the shows I’ve seen. The shows with “**” beside them, are my absolute favourites that I always go back to re-watch.

Have Watched:

– Gilmore Girls **

– New Girl **

– The Mindy Project **

– The Hart of Dixie **

– Jane the virgin

– Grand Hotel

– Glee

– Friends

– The Office

– Arrested Development

– The Good Place

– Letterkenny

– How I Met Your Mother **

– Schitt’s Creek

– Cheer

– Girlboss

– No Tomorrow

– Parks and Recreation **

Currently Watching:

– The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt

– The Crown

– This Is Us

I would love to hear what your recommendations are so I can add them to my list! I hope y’all are staying safe right now.

XO Cassidy Hannah


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