With all this newfound time at home I have, I want to be sure that I am spending my time in a productive way. As much as I think that we should be taking advantage of this time to relax, I also like to stay productive. Today I’m creating a list of the habits I would like to stay on top of during this time.


1. Make my bed every morning

2. Get outside every day and go for a walk or run

3. Read everyday

4. Support local – while many places in my neighbourhood are closing, I want to make the effort to shop local whenever possible. For me, this will likely mean going to local coffee shops only during this time instead of stopping at Starbucks

5. Post to insta stories daily

6. Post a minimum of 3 feed posts a week

7. Catch up on all missing blog posts (I’ve missed a couple of weekly uploads lately)

8. Check-in on someone daily – this is a hard time for many people so I want to be sure that I’m regularly checking in on loved ones and sending them sweet messages

9. Uninterrupted homework time – because my classes got shifted to online, I do still need to continue making progress on these. Depending on the day I want to spend between 1-4 hours on homework (with phone & other distractions turned off)

10. Daily gratitude lists – during this time I think it’s especially important that we reflect on what we are grateful for, I’m going to make it a goal of mine to write down a minimum of 3 positive elements of my day, every day.

11. Try making a new recipe every week

12. Read a book a week

13. Listen to my weekly podcasts

Shoot me a message if you would also like this checklist and I’m happy to send it over the document! Be sure to let me know what habits you’re trying to maintain every day.

XO Cassidy Hannah

Quarantine Goal Setting


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