Hey, welcome back! This weeks post is really exciting because it marks 2 years of having this blog! My first official post went up on April 29, 2018 and its so exciting for me to see how far I’ve come since then.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who continues to support me throughout this. My blog has become my happy place & a passion project I continuously want to work on. Over the past year I have gotten so many incredible opportunities through this blog, and they truly wouldn’t be possible without your support. And with that I thought I would share my why with you…

On so many occasions I’ve been asked my ‘why’ on creating a blog. For so long I didn’t know. I always said that I realized after taking a photography class I liked taking pictures, I’ve always been a bit of a journaly person, I love to share things (sometimes too many people could argue). But then one day it hit me.

Two years ago when I created this blog I was a senior in High School, weeks away from graduating and saying goodbye to people, some of which I had spent 7 years in school with. I was about to quit the swim team I had been apart of for 10 years, and I was moving to Canada where I only knew people that I was related to. I was craving a sense of community.

Community is what I got. It’s really incredible to be honest. I took a platform which I had intended on using as a place to be creative, a place where I could be who I wanted to be without the critique of people in my personal life and turned it into a community. A place I made friends. And I don’t mean friends as in someone I follow and comment on their pictures regularly, I mean true, genuine friends.

I think the whole blogging atmosphere can be a really daunting place. You see girls who gain thousands of followers overnight and in reality growth is not always that easy. But those genuine connections & the tight knit communities make all the hard work worth it. So if you’ve been thinking of starting a blog, sister start it! And then shoot me a message because there’s nothing I love more than chatting with new friends & I want to see all the content you’re creating!!

And with one more THANK YOU, I will leave you until next time.

XO Cassidy Hannah


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