If you’ve been following along here for a while now, you would know that I’ve been doing this whole blogging thing for over two years now. Everything I have ever read has said to stay consistent, so over the past two years I’ve made it my goal to post every Sunday, but recently I realized that the consistency alone wasn’t allowing me to grow as much as I wanted to.

I went on a deep dive and read through hundreds of articles on growth (these were found via Pinterest) so today I thought it might be helpful to share some resources with you that I found really useful, as many of the ones available are really repetitive.

Boss Girl Bloggers – I have read a variety of different posts on the website & found the post What You Should Be Doing to Grow Your Blog and Social Media Traffic really helpful! The title of the post really speaks for itself, and I love how she includes a table of contents, so if you would like to just scan over the list, and then read details on the ideas that are new to you, you can. I also joined the facebook group that Ell created, and have been loving connecting with people on there – I’ve been learning lots!

Dana Nicole Designs – Dana has a lot of really amazing, informative posts. A few that I found really helpful were 18 Of the Best Influencer Marketing Platforms For Brands & Bloggers there were a couple platforms on here that I had heard of before and already use, but most of them are new to me, and I’m really excited to look into them. Dana did a great job outlining the features of each of these platforms which gave me a good idea right away if they were something that I would be interested in using. I also took her Free SEO Training Course which I loved because it goes through all the basics, and it is a new concept to me. Lots of helpful tips in the video and it’s only an hour long!

Wake Up and Blog – I read through a couple of the posts on this blog, a couple that I thought were really helpful included 7 Websites to Submit Posts to For More Traffic, I have always been interested in submitting posts to a third party to grow traffic and feel a lot more inspired to do so after reading about the positive experiences. I also downloaded the Free Blogging Checklists. I love keeping infographics like these on hand because it makes everything so easy.

What’s Katie Up To – Katie shares a lot on how to grow your blog using Pinterest. I found the post she has a number of Free Resources, I found the one on getting 10 people from your Pinterest to you website had some really helpful tips in it!

Aminta Demadura – Aminta has a lot of really useful resources and posts on her blog. I found some really helpful tips on the post How I Grew my Blog Traffic 500% by Following a Daily Checklist. I definitely intend on reading more of her posts too!

Glam By Moni – Monica has had incredible growth on instagram and her blog and frequently shares her tips with the world. I read the post How to Grow Your Instagram in 30 Minutes a Day, which I really liked because it gave tips that are easy to implement into your routine. I will absolutely be continuing to follow along with her posts to continue learning more!

Blogging Babe – Emma shares so many helpful tips on her website. I found the How I Tripled My Blog Traffic in 1 Month With Pinterest post really helpful. Emma also shares lots of blog post list ideas which are great if you are needing some inspiration for a blog post!

Those are all the resources I have for you today. If you found this post helpful be sure to let me know and I will continue to save posts as I find them and share with you. I hope you are having a lovely week!

XO Cassidy Hannah


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