Hey y’all –

Personally I have always LOVED the back to school season, I have always found it such an exciting time and I am a sucker for some cute office supplies. For most of us, back to school is going to look a lot different this year. For myself personally, I will spend the next year taking full-time online classes. While it will absolutely be a huge transition, I am not going to let it put a damper on my love for the back to school season though!

Here are some things that I think are going to be essentials for this back to school (from home) season for me…


Notebooks – I personally always buy 5 Star college ruled notebooks as I find they hold up the best throughout the semester. Depending on the amount of notes I take for a particular class I will either get a 3 or 5 subject notebook and put multiple classes in it or I will buy a single subject notebook. I typically buy all white notebooks and then put colour coded labels on them.

Highlighters – These are essential for me. Less so for the purposes of highlighting my notes and more for staying organized. I use a different coloured highlighter for each class/activity I have. I also match the colour I use for my schedule. My personal favourites are the Midliner Highlighters because they don’t bleed through pages, they last for a really long time & they have a ton of colour options!

Pens – I personally just like to use a simple ballpoint pen (I always use blue pens!) My favourites are the Bic roundstick ones.

White Out – I use this all the dang time & am very particular about the one I use. The Papermate DryLine Grip one works so well and I love that I can write on it immediately.

Post It Notes – I always keep these beside me when I’m studying. I often don’t want to write something directly in my notes but want it written down somewhere. I also use the small ones as little place holders so I can always find where important places.

Printer – Personally for me a printer is a must. Despite the fact that I always write out my notes, I find it really helpful to print off diagrams.

Planner – Organization is a MUST for me. I’m someone who needs to write everything down and seriously loves a good to do list. I have always been a big planner girl & have recently switched to using Poi and Hun Printables, I’m currently using the Monthly Lists & Weekly Planner. I really like these because they are just single sheets so I can take them with me wherever I go and I find that the layout of them works really well for me.


Water bottle – I find keep a water bottle (with a straw) at my desk really helps me drink water more regularly.

Scrunchie – I always end up putting my hair up when I’m sitting at my desk so I like to keep a scrunchie at my desk always. My favourites are @supercrush scruncheis, they’re locally made & an incredible company.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – I have found wearing these super helpful. I have always bought mine from Amazon, I just recently purchased a new pair and they haven’t come yet but I will be sure to update this post & you over on instagram if I end up loving them!

Gum – I chew gum all the time. My favourite gum is velamints white gum because the minty flavour lasts FOREVER!

Lip balm – This is pretty given, my current favourite is the Laneige Lip Sleeping mask.

Phone stand – I bought one of these back in March and I love it. It keeps my phone standing up, you can also charge it on the stand. I am less likely to get distracted picking it up when it is on the stand (also great for facetiming!)

I have linked all the products I could find here.

That is all for today, let me know if you have any back to school essentials that I am missing out on. Best of luck if you’re also headed back to school!

XO Cassidy Hannah


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