2022 empties pt. 1

I am finally back with another empties post today, so far this year I’ve used up so many amazing products and I wanted to share my thoughts on all of them with you.

Find all the available products here.

Tula Super Soothe Calming Moisturizer – If you have been following along for a long time now, you would know that this has been my go-to for a number of years. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to purchase it for a while now so fingers crossed it comes back, and if not please leave your recommendations down below!

Tula Self-Care Sunday Nourishing Face Mask – This mask felt amazing and was very loved over the winter months. With that being said I didn’t feel like it gave my skin a glowy hydrated look. I’m going to keep trying other ultra-hydrating masks for now.

Nivea Firming Q10 Plus Body Lotion – I’ll start off by saying that I was not consistent enough with this product to have a true before and after, although others that I know that have tried it have had amazing results. I thought the lotion felt great, it was not as thick of a consistency as I usually use but it still felt really hydrating. The only thing I didn’t love about this product was the fragrance, it wasn’t anything bad but I generally prefer unscented body lotions.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion – If you have been following along for a long time you know this is another holy grail of mine. I constantly have these on the go, they moisturize so well and I love that there isn’t a strong scent to it.

Mario Badescu Aloe Chamomile & Lavender Facial Spray – This is my favourite facial spray and I’m really missing it now that I’m currently out. The smell is so relaxing and I love the glow that it gives my skin. I’ll definitely be restocking this.

Garnier Soothing Facial Mist – This face mist was another favourite of mine. I’m generally not the biggest rose fan but I really liked the light fragrance of this and it always made my skin look and feel great.

Kate Somerville Exfolikate – I’ve been going through this product slowly and trying to savour every moment because it is just so lovely. Nothing makes my skin feel smoother than this exfoliator yet it doesn’t agitate my skin at all. The price point is the only thing that holds me back from purchasing it more often. I would argue that it is well worth it, just out of my personal budget.

Pixi Peel & Polish – This was a great physical exfoliator, it wasn’t too abrasive but my skin still felt great afterwards. It can also be used as a mask that dries onto your skin but I typically used it in the shower.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid – This product I originally didn’t love but I came to find that it is all about the products that you use it with. There were times when I noticed the product pilling after applying additional products but it didn’t happen with everything. Once I got into the right routine with it, I really enjoyed this hyaluronic acid.

Good Molecules Hyaluronic Acid Serum – You guys know this is another staple for me. This continues to be my favourite Hyaluronic acid and I always have one on hand!

Good Molecules Ulta-Hydrating Facial Oil – This is the other half to my Good Molecules every night duo. I’ve never used a product that made my skin look so glowy, despite the bottle being small, a little bit goes a long way. I don’t ever want to be without this!

Physicians Formula Butter Blowout Mascara – I was so pleasantly surprised by this mascara! I loved how it looked on my lashes and it did a great job lasting throughout the day while still coming off at night without too much scrubbing. I’m using up another mascara at the moment but I would definitely purchase this one again.

First Aid Beauty Ulta Repair Cream – I really loved how this hand cream felt on my skin. It was so moisturizing without leaving my hands feeling sticky. I’ve had a bit of eczema on my hands lately and this was always soothing. I did repurchase (the non-candy cane version) this and always keep it in my purse.

As always, I want to know what products you have recently used up and loved! If you want to shop any of these products, I’ve linked what I could here.

XO Cassidy Hannah


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