women-owned businesses in Victoria, BC

Hi friends & happy International Women’s Day. Today’s post combines two of my favourite things, local & women-owned businesses. This might be my favourite post I have written to date, for that reason. Not only are these brands that I use in my life on a regular business, but they are also all women that I have built relationships with and have great admiration for.

It is a great privilege to be sharing about these wonderful brands and women today.

Glow Jar Beauty – If you have been following along with my blog posts for a while you will know how much I love Glow Jar Beauty. I have shared many posts in the past that included their products, but today I want to share a bit more about why I love the company so much. In recent years I’ve tried to pay more attention to the quality of products I’m putting on my body daily and Jaime’s driving force is products that support long-term skin health. Not only am I confident that I am using products that are good for me when I use Glow Jar Beauty, I  know that there is an environmental focus behind the brand as well. 

I have endless admiration and respect for Jaime, the owner of Glow Jar Beauty. I recently heard her say the phrase “lead with education” and it really stood out to me because it represents her brand so well. If you follow @glowjar_ on Instagram you will see regular behind-the-scenes and incredible skincare tips. I am so inspired by her honesty and community building. It feels good knowing that the products are great and the person behind them is just as great. 

Barre Made – I  mentioned back in my January Favourites post a local business I had recently come across, Barre Made. This was my first experience attending a Barre class and I was instantly hooked. Not only are the classes so much fun, I always leave feeling uplifted and feel like I have gotten a great workout in. I have always been someone who feels nervous and hesitant to attend workout classes alone, in fact until now I brought a friend with me anytime I went to a class. Katharine has created a space where I feel comfortable and inspired. All of the instructors are welcoming and it truly feels like a judgment-free zone. I am so excited to have found the Barre Made studio & I hope to see you in class someday!

Golden Glow Wellness – I am so excited to introduce you to Golden Glow Wellness. A few months back Ashley invited me in for a spray tan, I had never had a spray tan before so I wasn’t sure what to expect but Ashley instantly made me feel comfortable. Not only was the experience of getting the tan great, but it also turned out so beautifully I was SO happy with my results. Since my first appointment, I have had many opportunities to continue building a relationship with Ashely and put simply she is a true gem. She is so passionate about making people feel their best and it is so inspiring to watch her chase her dreams. 

Not only does she have her airbrush tan studio, but she also does personal training, recently started a permanent jewelry brand and has officially launched her own at-home tanning products. I’ve had a chance to start trying her products and I am so happy with them. I’ll be sharing more in-depth reviews of the products soon but in the meantime, if you want to check them out you can find all the products at https://www.goldenglowwellnessstudio.ca/s/shop and use code CASS20 for a discount. 

Mariah Burchell Photography – Mariah and I connected on Instagram a few years ago, I absolutely loved seeing all her creative shoots around Victoria and very quickly we connected over DM’s. The creative space can be a strange space to be in sometimes, particularly living somewhere smaller like Victoria where there aren’t a lot of people who are also creating content for social platforms. It’s really special developing relationships with others that are also trying to build their own brands while working full-time.

Mariah has become such a close friend of mine, we share our goals with each other on a regular basis, constantly cheer each other on, and I always know I can call her about anything. Yes, I mean anything. Accomplishing big goals, finding gluten-free oat milk at the grocery store and crazy date stories, and that’s just what we’ve talked about this week.  While Mariah has become a friend first, she continues to be an inspiration. Even when life gets busy she keeps showing up for her business, taking beautiful photos, and sharing incredible insights on https://www.mariahburchell.com/blog

If you happen to be reading this post between March 8th and March 15th I am really excited to be sharing a Giveaway for those that live in Victoria, BC so that you can also experience all of these wonderful brands. Head over to my Instagram @cassidyyhannah to check it out!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read today’s post. It is such a privilege to know these women and get to share their products and services with you. I hope you are able to check out these businesses and take some inspiration from the women behind them, and if you know someone that lives in Victoria, share this post with them!

XO Cassidy Hannah


2 thoughts on “women-owned businesses in Victoria, BC

  1. Hello.
    Thanks for sharing these amazing women-owned businesses with us. It is truly inspiring to see these women lead their businesses with such passion and integrity. Keep up the great work!
    Thanks for sharing.


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