what’s in my work purse

If there is one thing I like to feel, it is prepared. I finally feel like I’ve found the perfect list of everything I like to keep in my work purse to feel ready to take on the day. Side note – this is the same purse I use pretty much daily and for travel, so really it is all of my purse essentials for any given day.

First, let’s get into the purse details. If you know me, you don’t have to read any further to know that it is Kate Spade. This particular style is the Monet Large Triple Compartment Tote in warm beige. While the exact style isn’t available still, I have linked some comparable bags here.

I find the size and colour perfect for me, because I can pair it with any look. Plus in true Kate Spade fashion there are so many pockets which help me stay so organized.

First up, the beauty product favourites. I know you’ve probably heard me talk about them before but they’re just that good!

I know everyone and their mother talks about the touchland hand sanitizer but there is a good reason. Not only does it smell amazing & not dry out my hands, but it is also so thin and sleek that it fits in the tiniest little pockets.

My maracuja juicy lip is my perfect everyday lipstick/gloss. If I’m feeling a bit blah it adds the perfect pop of colour (ps. I have taken a tiny bit on my finger before to dab into my cheeks as a blush and it works perfectly in a pinch).

The Evanhealy whipped lip butter is the only chapstick I buy anymore. I’ve gotten my mum & her friends hooked on it! I love how moisturizing it is and doesn’t dry my lips out more in the long run.

Finally, my First Aid Beauty ultra repair cream. This is seriously the best hand moisturizer. It doesn’t leave any sticky residue and actually calms the eczema flair-ups that I get. I personally love the scents they come out with during the holidays so I try and stock up then but the classic is great too!

Other purse musthaves:
– Hair ties (this seems like a given)
– Gum (I always chew gum after drinking anything other than water before putting my Invisalign back in)
– Bandaid (blister? hang nail? I’m prepared!)
– Tissues (runny nose, tears, messes, these come in handy always)
– Hand sanitizer wipes (I love having a mini pack of these so I can wipe down tables if I need to or use them on my hands after a snack)
– Tea packets & Ener-C packs (this sounds crazy but it helps me save so much money because if I need a little caffeine boost I can just get hot water rather than buying a coffee somewhere, I love vitamin packets for an afternoon pick-me-up when I don’t want to drink more caffeine. My current go-to caffeinated tea is the Yogi Positive Energy tea)
– Benadryl (you never know when allergies are going to strike!)
– Mini toothbrush & toothpaste (as someone with Invisalign this is so handy)
– RX bar (my favourite on-the-go snack)

While I know this sounds like a lot, most of the products are mini and don’t take up a lot of room. Plus it feels so nice to know I’ve got what I need wherever I am. You can shop all of my purse favourites here.

If you have any essentials that you keep in my purse that I didn’t mention I’d love to hear what essentials are for you in the comments!

XO Cassidy Hannah


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