Being the list-maker that I am, I’ve been making summer bucket lists for as long as I can remember, so this summer I decided to share mine with you. It can be the perfect way to inspire yourself on a summer day, and finish the summer feeling like you lived it to the fullest. I hope you enjoy these ideas, and make sure you share your ideas with me too!


1. Swim in 5+ bodies of water

2. Visit 5 new cafes

3. Attempt a gluten free ice cream cake

4. Go to a carnival/fair

5. Music Festival

6. Camp

7. Visit at least 4 states/provinces

8. Watch a sunrise

9. Watch a sunset

10. Outdoor movie night

11. Ice cream date

13. Explore a new town/city

14. Beach bonfire

15. Backyard BBQ

16. Go on a hike

17. Roadtrip

18. Make a Travel Diary

19. Watercolour

20. Read 10+ Books

21. Visit as many farmers markets as possible

22. Go to a waterpark

23. DIY something

24. Redecorate my room

25. Go night swimming

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