As requested by a very special birthday boy, I set out to make Chocolate Donuts (Gluten Free as always!)

These donuts have a light chocolatey dough that isn’t too overpowering, with a milk chocolate glaze drizzled on top!


– 1 Cup White Sugar

– 1/2 Cup Butter (Melted)

– 2 Cups Gluten Free All Purpose Flour

(Trader Joe’s Brand is really good!)

– 1 Egg

– 1 Cup Milk

– 2 Teaspoons Baking Powder

– 6 Teaspoons 100% Cacao Powder


1. Preheat oven to 375* F

2. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, mix well

3. Scoop the mixture into a ziplock bag and cut a little hole into the corner

4. Prepare donut pans by spraying with non-stick spray

5. Pipe the dough mixture into donut pans

6. Bake for 11 minutes

7. Cool

For these particular donuts I used Smucker’s Magic Shell Chocolate Sauce to drizzle on top, rather than icing but it’s up to you.


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