With summer finally being here, and living so close to so many beaches and lakes I like having a beach bag ready for any given moment. Today I am going to share with you my favourite products to keep in my beach bag!

Beach Bag: I personally bought my beach bag at a little stand in Mexico, so I can’t link it for you but I love anything big and fun like it!

$18: Powder Pink Straw Beach Bag

$48: Pom Pom Beach Bag

$35: South Beach Straw Beach Bag

Beach Towel: I always like to get big, soft, cute beach towels because they can be so fun to use as accessories in photos!

SandCloud has tons of cute options and you can use my referral code CASSIDY.HANNAH.W145 for 15% off your purchase!

Sunscreen: I love the Trader Joe’s spray sunscreen as my body sunscreen because it is so easy to put on and works so well. For face sunscreen there are a couple options I love.

$24: CoTz Tinted SPF 40

$7: Formula 10.0.6 SPF 15

Water Bottle: It is so so important to bring a water bottle when going to the beach, the worst feeling is getting home from a great day yet feeling awful from dehydration. I really love using tumblr water bottles because straws motivate me to drink more water.

$15: Stainless Steel Monogramed Tumbler

$10: Cherry Tumbler

Sunglasses: Hot Miami Shades offers tons of cute sunglass options for affordable prices and you can use my discount code ‘cassidyhannah’ for an additional 20% off!

Book: Be sure to check out my Spring/Summer Reading List

Snacks: I love keeping little snacks in my beach bag so I have healthy options thoughout the day, I like keeping apple sauce pouches and granola bars (Kind Bars are my favourite) in my bag for gluten free options on the go!

Enjoy your day at the beach! xo

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