Sleep has never exactly been a strong suit of mine, so overtime I’ve developed a bit of a routine to help get those extra zzz’s at night.

I’ve often heard that keeping a strong sleep schedule can really help with getting a better sleep, however while I’m sure it’s true sometimes it just isn’t that realistic. Instead what I like to do it keep the process the same no matter the time

First if possible I liked to attempt to get a workout in. When my muscles are sore it always makes me feel more relaxed at night. If you aren’t able to fit this in, I would definitely suggest doing some relaxing stretches before bed!

Another think I recommend for the evening time is eating an earlier dinner that is lighter. I’m sure we’ve all suffered from food coma in our lives, and while it sure makes us sleepy, it won’t put us into a deep sleep which is what we want.

For me this routine beings with brushing my teeth and always washing my face, I love using my bliss fabulous foaming face wash and warm water because it gets all my makeup and smells and feels very relaxing.

During this time I also like to heat up my corn heating pack (mine is from Whole Foods) in the microwave, years and years ago this became a staple for me and I rarely go a night without it now.

At this point I also like to turn on my defuser. I will sometimes put the calming/sleepy time essential oils into my defuser and sometimes I will just turn it on with water inside because the sound of it is what I really find the most relaxing.

Next is where the magic happens. I spent years being a melatonin every night kinda gal. At first it worked great, but overtime I always found that my body would get used to it and it would no longer have the same effect.. I have since found that shuffling other products into my routine helps keep the effectiveness of all the products. I like to keep 2 types of melatonin (both the Trader Joe’s brand ones) on hand, sleepy time tea (also Trader Joe’s) and Som Sleep Original Sleep Formula. This drug free formula comes in both regular and sugar free, while always being non-GMO, vegan and gluten free. The sugar free version is sweetened with stevia and has a very light berry flavour, that is actually quite nice. All three of these options are meant to be taken 30 minutes before bed.

In the mean time I either like to read part of my book or watch a show (which I realize isn’t a great habit, but hey girl I’m being honest!) Within 30 minutes I usually find myself to be very drowsy and ready to hit the hey. On the odd days that I still feel too awake, likely due to alarming amounts of coffee consumed I will put my sleep mask on because I find the weight on my eyelids to be a really calming feeling.

Night night babes! Sweet dreams xo

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