As some of you might know, if you followed along on Instagram, I recently set off on my first solo road-trip. While it wasn’t a lengthy one, it did mean about 8 hours in the car by myself, which for someone who generally doesn’t venture off much further than ikea, is a long haul.

Whenever I used to go on road-trips when I was little my mum used to pack a little goody back for my brother and I. They’d contain our favourite snacks/treats maybe something to drink and little doodle books. I always remember love having all those special things that were maybe a little out of the ordinary so I decided to do the same thing for myself, just the big girl version.

First off this road-trip started off at about 4am so coffee was an essential. Even though I always keep a Starbucks card filled on my phone, I wanted to get a new and fun card to use on this trip. In addition to the gift card I added a bottled water, green juice and some of my favourite snacks into my bag. A couple of my favourites to keep on hand are:

Kind Granola Bars

Annie’s Fruit Snacks

Lance Peanut Butter Crackers

Especially if I am leaving earlier in the morning I really like having muffins as well, occasionally I will buy Udi’s, however this time I made some muffins the day before (recipe coming soon!)

In addition to having good snacks and drinks, music is very necessary. For this particular road trip I was on my way to a music festival so I used Spotify to make a playlist specifically for the festival so I could learn a few more songs. Though I listened to this playlist the majority of the time I liked to start off my morning for a little Usher Pitbull combo to really get a good start to the day!

As for travel outfits athleasure was definitely the way to go. Though i always like to look a little presentable, comfort is really the way to go.

The most profound thing I found about this road trip is how much I absolutely loved it. I was never expecting to hate it by any means but I never expected myself to love solo travel the way I do. Driving along a small highway as the run rises and while sipping coffee is such an amazing place to be able to think and process. I have so much happening (all exciting) that I was really grateful to have this time.

Not to mention the freedom. It was so fun to be able to do what I want while on the road. There was so many time where I made little stops that wouldn’t be taken on a road trip normally. Just because they were things I wanted to see. Cassidy BC was one of these places! I’ve heard about it before band even driven through before but it was nice to be able to stop and get a cute little picture of the sign.

Being in the car alone also allowed me to stop at fun places like Rocket Donuts, and Duncan Garage for some GF treats!

On your next road trip I would definitely recommend taking time to see what attractions are in places you drive through because you never know what you might be missing.

Safe travels, and have a great trip! xoxo

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