After living in Seattle my whole life, I’ve developed the perfect day for a Seattle tourist with all the must see spots, and a couple places that are overrated.

To start of Breakfast is a must, Seattle has many great breakfast and brunch locations, but a couple that I love, especially if you’re looking for gluten free options are Portage Bay Cafe, The Fat Hen and Niche.

📍The Fat Hen

Something I would definitely recommend especially if you’re in the Downtown area, is to make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes. The bus is a really great option for getting from neighbourhood to neighbourhood but walking will end up saving so much time.

I would recommend heading to to Pike Place earlier in the day, so that (hopefully) it won’t be quite as packed and stuffy. At the market you’ll find gorgeous flower stands, the famous pig, and of course the flying fish! There was recently an addition to the market that includes an outdoor patio with gorgeous water views.

📍Pike Place Market

Following Pike Place, there are many other fun attractions near by that are definitely worth checking out. The gum wall is a very close however I personally don’t love it. Another things nearby not worth checking out in my opinion is the first ever Starbucks, theres tons of others within blocks and the line at this particular one generally lasts forever.

The Great Wheel is a fun option if you’re looking to get more gorgeous views, it opens at either 10AM or 11 AM depending on what time of year, and an adult ticket costs $14. Just a warning lines for this are generally long, especially if you try and go at sunset!

📍The Great Wheel

Near the Pike Place area, there are lots of cute cafes to find lunch at, right across the street from the market is a little deli, where delicious gluten-free sandwiches are made! Within blocks you should be able to find something that sounds good to you.

Following lunch I would definitely recommend checking out Shug’s ice cream shop. It was rated the best ice cream in Washington and is one of the cutest places I’ve been to! Weather you’re looking for a scoop, shake, float or affogato (thats what I had) this is the place to go.

📍Shug’s Ice Cream Shops

The downtown area has lots of cute shopping areas which makes a great afternoon activity, if you’re done with the sightseeing. If you head east a few blocks from the market you’ll find Pacific Place, Westlake Centre and many other independent stores.

There are also many options for dinner depending on what you’re looking for, and the area you’re staying in. If you ever need recommendations feel free to message me!

Finally for evening time I recommend taking advantage of Seattle’s amazing sunsets. If it’s the right season seeing a baseball game at Safeco Field is a great place to see the sunset, but if not I would check out a beach for the sunset.

📍Golden Gardens

Enjoy and have a great trip! xo

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