As a new school year comes to a start, I want to set some goals in place for September. Especially since this is my first year of university and I am in a whole new place, knowing almost no one. These goals are to help set me on track to being the happiest and healthiest I can be! Be sure to let me know in the comments what your goals are this September!

1. Make a fitness plan, and stick to it.

To help myself with this goal I’ve decided to put the workouts that I want to be doing in my planner highlighted in a certain colour. If goals like these are written down as something to check off a list it’s much more likely that they will be accomplished. As far as a workout plan I would be happy to share it with you, once I have it finalized and tested that it is achievable, but I am planning on trying to do 4 gym days and one hike/outdoor fitness activity a week.

2. Go at least one new place a week.

A lot of the time I tend to be a creature of habit, and once I find one place I like to go, I will stick to it. To encourage me to see more of this gorgeous new city that I am living in, at least once a week I am going to try something new, maybe a coffee shop, lunch spot or even new hike.

3. Stick to a budget.

This is the first time in my life that I am living without my parents, which means that I have to be more responsible, especially financially. With this in mind I am going to make a writeup of what I will need to be putting money towards every month, and add a little bit of fun spending money to that. Again having something written out will help me in not over spending.

4. Meet new people.

As much as I know that naturally I will have to meet new people, I can also be known to be somewhat reserved when it comes to meeting new people. As for the technical aspect of this goal I want to go to at least 5 events within the next month so that I can meet people other than in my classes.

5. Complete the #FALLinLOVEwithYOU challenge by Sam Ozkural.

Just last night I printed the September Challenge Calendar out and pinned it to the back of my door. I really like that this provides and individual challenge everyday that are always changing. The challenge is free to complete, and I think has a lot of fun ideas!

6. Stay organized.

While I’m generally a pretty organized person on my own in terms of using a planner, I am going to take it the extra mile this month and include making my bed everyday, and sticking to a laundry schedule to ensure that my room is always staying clean and organized!

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