Let me just start by saying, this was the most incredible whirlwind of a trip I think I have ever experienced. So lets begin!

My adventure began in Victoria, BC on Wednesday afternoon. I then flew to Seattle, Dallas, finally arriving in El Paso on Thursday morning. We grabbed some snacks, obviously lots of coffee, and a rental car and hit the road for Marfa.

The drive from El Paso to Marfa, was nothing like I’ve ever seen before. At some point the road seems like it goes on for ever with desert on either side, and other times we had gorgeous mountain views.

Shortly before reaching the actual town of Marfa, we came across the Instagram famous, Prada Marfa. This permanent art instillation was debuted in 2005, and was originally designed to never have any repairs made so that it slowly faded away into the natural landscape, however do to unfortunate extreme vandalism cases, there have been fixes made. Within the installation there are a series of right shoes, and handbags, all picked out and provided by Prada himself from the Winter 2005 collection.

After our quick stop we got on the road to Marfa. We went directly to El Cosmico, the home of the Trans-Pecos Music Festival. In addition to the tents, tipis and stationary airstreams, there were food trucks and pop-up shops from local companies for shopping! And there was a super cute ferris wheel, which is always a plus.

Leaving the El Cosmico grounds, you’ll find plenty more shopping opportunities. I personally really loved Communitie, and Ranch Candy. Communitie had an amazing selection of crystals and lots of cute hats if you’re in the market, and Ranch candy had lots of cute vintage clothes and accessories – I picked up the cutest purse!

In addition to shopping there are lots of art galleries that are incredible to look around, as well as hotels that you can tour. We stopped at the Julie Speed studio, Chinati Foundation, and The Hotel Paisano. These were all great places to check out and really fun to wander around. If you have extra time in Marfa I highly recommend that you do as well.

The other fun place to check out are the Marfa baseball games, which as far as I am aware are usually Saturday mornings!

As for food, most of the meals we ate were from the food trucks in El Cosmico, however we did have breakfast at Bart Saint George which had lots of yummy options, they were very knowledgeable about gluten free options, and good coffee too!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! And if you’re on your way to Marfa, have a great time! XO

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