As you may have noticed, in the last few months I have been on a few trips (and I still have a couple more go to!!) and have just been taking a carry on bag for all of them.

Taking a carry on bag can be great because it means that you don’t have to pay extra money for it, and don’t have to wait to get your luggage when you arrive at your destination, but it does require that you pack a bit strategically because there are specific regulations for example size and quantity of liquid products that you bring.

I usually start by packing the tools I need with me into my normal bathroom bag. Its always a good idea to remember you can never have too many hair ties. I recently learned that if you pack a stick deodorant rather than a gel then it isn’t considered a liquid product, so doesn’t have to take up room in you ziplock bag.

I then put any powder products I have in the bathroom bag as well. I personally love this Tarte palette because it is pretty neutral and very wearable, and has a great mirror. I also of course bring my butter bronzer because it’s my go to.

Next I pack my “liquid products” which are the products that need to go in a ziplock bag. I always I always make have concealer, mascara, chapstick, toothpaste, lotion, sunscreen and face wash. Something I recommend for when you are traveling, is taking the minis that you receive from subscription boxes with you. I find that they generally have enough product in the to get me through a trip, and it allows me to skip having to purchase the overly priced travel sizes of products.

In my carry on bag I also like to keep a couple wipe options. They are so handy to refresh yourself a little bit when or after you’ve been on a plane for a long time.

The final products that I find essentials to take with me, especially after lots of time on a plane are sheet masks, eye masks and acne stickers. Especially on trips like my last one where I flew all night and didn’t sleep a wink, having a mask to restore the moisture in my skin, and an eye mask to de-puff and make me look less tired make it way easier to look put together after traveling. I also love having the acne stickers, because they are a little bit more discreet if you want to wear them on a plane, than a spot treatment mask is. Also they save so much room!

Be sure to let me know your favourite products to travel with, and enjoy your next trip! XO

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