I’ve become very aware lately on how easy it is to go through a day without taking time to think about how the decisions we are making impact the environment around us. As most of us have probably heard by now, our lovely planet isn’t doing too good and could really use some TLC. To make myself more aware I’ve decided to challenge myself for the month of November to make at least one Happy Earth conscious decision a day.

Here is my 30 day plan for being more friendly to our earth:

1. Bring your own water bottle

2. Take the bus/ride your bike

3. Buy a new reusable mug

4. Go thrift shopping

5. Meatless Monday

6. Use a reusable grocery bag

7. Leftovers for dinner

8. Full day without a car

9. Get a coffee in your new reusable mug

10. Go to a farmers market

11. Donate/Sell old clothes

12. Buy a reusable straw

13. Eat in season fruit and veggies

14. Don’t take you’re treat to go, enjoy it at the store

15. Pick up some garbage when you’re on a walk

16. Don’t use any (non-reusable) plastic

17. Go for a walk, enjoy nature!

18. Meal prep lunches for the week

19. Bring your own metal fork

20. Make your shower short

21. Only have lights on in the room that you’re in

22. Buy veggies that aren’t pre-wrapped

23. Never leave the tap running

24. Shop locally

25. Plant a tree

26. Don’t charge you phone overnight, it will over charge it and wastes energy.

27. Don’t leave chargers plugged in when you’re not using them

28. Turn off you computer/tablets at night, it will prevent them from draining excess energy.

29. Switch to earth friendly beauty/health products

30. Share your favourite environment tip with your friends

If anyone decides to do these as well, be sure to share it with me, I would love to see it!

Now lets go be a little nicer to our earth. XO

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