I have recently gotten into a fitness routine that I am really happy with, and even though most days I will just do cardio, I want to start incorporating some circuits into my workouts.

Today I am going to share with you some circuits I would like to start integrating in the near future that can all be done at home or from the gym.

The Moves:

1. Forward lunges

2. Donkey kicks: on hands and knees alternate kicking legs up and back into the air

3. Knee lifts: on hands and knees alternate lifting knees in 90 degree angle to the side

4. Hip lifts (bridges)

5. Wall sit

6. Squats

Run through the sets 3 times each with, a minute break in between:

Set 1:

20 donkey kicks

20 knee lifts

20 hip lifts

Set 2:

20 forward lunges

30 second wall sit

10 squats

The Moves:

1. Leg raises: lying on your back lift legs straight up, and then slowly lower them together

2. Bicycle crunches

3. Mountain climbers

4. Russian twists

5. Sit ups

6. Toe touchers: lying on your back with your knees bent, alternate touching your ankles

Run through the sets 3 times each, with a minute break in between:

Set 1:

15 legs raises

40 bicycle crunches

15 sit ups

Set 2:

20 mountain climbers

40 Russian twists

40 toe touchers

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