If you aren’t following & subscribed to Kalyn Nicholson, well first I highly recommend it but then you also wouldn’t know about her commonly used term – GYST: get your shit together. These are the perfect way to prepare yourself for the week ahead. After a quick little weekend getaway this weekend I decided that I needed to have a little GYST session this Sunday afternoon.

My favourite way to start these off is making a list of everything I am hoping to get done for the day & getting comfy to do it!


1. Because this GYST session started off post weekend getaway the first step was unpacking

2. Next I vacuumed, I feel like this always makes such a big difference and automatically makes my room seem so much cleaner

3. Wipe down surfaces: desk, bedside tables & mirror

4. Wash sheets – the best feeling after being away from my bed is fresh sheets so before I got started on the rest of my list I put mine in the wash.

5. Poshmark it! One of my To Do List items for a few weeks now has been to finish posting my stuff on Poshmark, because I’m heading back to University in a couple weeks I would like to get my stuff sold ASAP (speaking of which if you want to check mine out I’ll link it here!)

6. Organize my closet – part of posting things on poshmark was making sure that I didn’t have anything else to add to the list, I did a quick check of my closet

7. Next up on the list was organizing my desk, this often ends up being my dumping ground so every weekend I like to tidy everything off to give my week a fresh start.

8. Next was some blog focus time. I’ve been a little behind lately & with a lot of exciting things coming I decided I need to get back on track this weekend. The missing posts – finally uploaded, then onto this weeks post & finally some scheduling for upcoming posts!

9. Last up on the to do list was send off some emails, then onto the relaxing part of the evening…


I don’t know about you but I always used to find Sunday evenings the most stressful time, I’ve since decided to do my best to make it a more relaxing time to prepare for the coming week.

1. First I always like to start off with a face mask

2. Next I like to do a hair mask & hop in the bath

3. Finally I like to watch a feel good show & make it an early night

I’d love to hear what you like to do on your “GYST” days!



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