Hello and welcome or welcome back!

This weekend I took some much needed time to relax & refresh. I made special attention focus on what my body needed Saturday night so I wanted to share with y’all my Saturday Night In Routine.

I started off in the afternoon at the gym. Because I was particularly tired and didn’t feel like being at the gym I decided that swimming was the right workout for me. It’s low impact and I usually feel refreshed afterwards. Plus I always love taking a couple minute dip in the hot tub afterwards. I followed the hot tub off with a relaxing shower complete with exfoliating my skin & washing my hair (y’all I freakin LOVE washing my hair ever since I made the shampoo switch).

Next was time for dinner. I’ve been trying to pay more attention to how I’m budgeting my money & have been making food and coffee at home more often. This evening I was really craving pad Thai & challenged myself to make it this time instead. I actually love cooking dinner for myself especially if I can listen to my favourite music or podcast during the process.

Pad Thai:

– Rice Noodles

– Trader Joe‘s Sweet and Spicy Sauce

– Tomato Paste

– Sesame Oil

– Tamari Sauce

– Eggs

– Chicken

Fried Rice:

– White Rice

– Seame Oil

– Tamari Sauce

– Chicken

Green Beans:

– Green Beans (steamed)

– Garlic

– Sesame Oil

– Brown Sugar

– Tamari Sauce

– White Rice Vinegar

After tidying up for dinner it was time for movie night. I had my comfiest clothes on & put some popcorn in the microwave, to make it extra fun I decided to throw some mini m&m’s in!

After finishing my popcorn it was time for some pampering. My full evening pamper routine is coming soon complete with a list of all my favourite products but tonight I whitened my teeth, did a face mask and put on a bit of self tanner.

Then off to bed!

If you have anything else you like to do on an evening in be sure to let me know in the comments! I always love hearing new ways people like to relax.



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