Last week Wooden Ships launched their new fall collection of sweaters and were generous enough to gift me one to share with you. Today I wanted to share a couple of the ways I am styling my new sweater to transition from summer to fall, as well as share some more super cool information about this company & how they are being environmentally conscious.

First a little bit about Wooden Ships:

Wooden Ships is a family owned company with a passion for the environment (their owners Paola & Mark also love coffee, music, good books and road trips so we obviously share a lot of common ground). They have taken a no waste approach to their company meaning their sweaters are made to order rather than creating stock inventory, in addition to creating the highest possible quality products to keep return rates low. Their production factories are located in Bali and they go above and beyond to ensure that their production is ethical and that they are treating their employees well. Additionally as of right now 85% of their factory is solar powered to help reduce their carbon footprint. I was absolutely amazed when I received my package and saw that even their plastic bags have been made to be as environmentally friendly as a plastic bag can be – I will attach an image below! For more information about this incredible company which I am thrilled to support check out their website: if you would like to purchase a sweater from them as well use the code CASSIDY15 for 15% off your order.

How I styled my Bella Back Seam Crewneck in Ivy:

Summer Evening Outfit:

I could not wait to wear my sweater the second I got it because it was so unbelievably soft! One of my favourite ways to style lighter weight sweaters like this in the summer is with a pair of denim shorts & vans. This made the perfect summer evening outfit which I will continue to wear during these warm days.

Dressed Up:

The next fun way I styled this sweater was with a dark wash skirt & pair of booties. I think this outfit also works perfectly during summer evenings if you’re looking for a dressier outfit, but could be worn with a pair of tights as the weather cools off for a great fall option.

Cooler Weather:

The final way I have paired this outfit is with white jeans and a pair of tan booties. I think this makes a great option as the days begin to cool off. As it gets even colder I might switch my white jeans for black jeans, and pair this outfit with a vest as well!

I hope you enjoyed this post & I’d love to hear which outfit was your favourite or if you have other suggestions for styling this sweater! Be sure to tag me in your photos if you also make a purchase from Wooden Ships.


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