As I am sure you can assume, Seattle has an incredible number of restaurants that I have barely touched the surface, nonetheless, I wanted to share with you my favourite places to eat in Seattle today. I should note as well that I am celiac and have been able to eat easily at all of these places.

Cafe Munir – This Lebanese restaurant focuses on small plates making it a great place to go and try new things. I personally think that Sunday night is the best time to go because they have Chefs Choice and I end up eating delicious things that I likely would not have ordered by myself. As for eating gluten free here there are lots of dips – the restaurant provides naan bread but if you tell them you cannot have the naan bread they will give you chopped veggies instead. The other option which I like to do is bring the Trader Joes flatbread and they will cook it for you!

If you cannot make it on a Sunday night a couple of my favourite dishes are the lamb hummus ( I don’t particularly like lamb or hummus but this is unbelievable.) the beets and the chicken screwers.

Thai Siam – This is personally my favourite Thai restaurant that I have ever been to. My family has been going here for probably about 10 years now and I don’t think we have ever had a bad meal there. They are incredibly accommodating for gluten free as long as you let them know that it is an allergy. The pad thai is my personal favourite and we usually get at least one order of the fresh rolls as well.

Capitol Cider – If you are like me and have celiac disease this is a MUST for you. Capitol Cider is a dedicated gluten free restaurant and has an incredible selection of foods that I have never been able to find gluten free. My must order items are the fried cheese curds, and the fish and chips. I also wanted to note they have a brunch option as well which has a smaller menu and I wasn’t obsessed with the cinnamon rolls or the french toast that we ordered for brunch so I would recommend the dinner instead.

Bitterroot – This BBQ restaurant located in Ballard is not only the cutest little place it is also delicious. You order your choice of meat & two sides (almost all the sides are GF including the delicious cornbread!) and the sauce is already on the table to you can choose exactly how much and how spicy you want! There are a wide range of amazing sides my current favourites being the cheese grits & the cornbread – these plates come with so much food on them that sometimes I even save the cornbread and take it home for desert!

Cafe Flora – Although this restaurant is not 100% gluten free the great majority of the items on the menu are, in addition to being all vegetarian. The food is absolutely incredible and it is one of the cutest restaurants I’ve seen! I’ve tried the GF pizza (both – the cheese Florentine was my favourite), the Oaxaca Tacos and the French dip sandwich – all of which were incredible and I definitely would re-order. The Yam Fries are also A MUST!

Pablo y Pablo – This Mexican restaurant is another which is not 100% gluten free but very accommodating. We had the nachos (which while un-traditional were delicious, as well as a bacon & pineapple taco and a halibut taco with a side of the slaw. While everything here was maybe a little spicier than what I typically choose it was so flavourful and delicious that I will definitely will be going back.

Senor Moose – this Mexican restaurant is another family favourite for us! The food is (mostly) Authentic Mexican food and I love that the restaurant actually makes me feel like I’m back in Mexico. I love having the carnitas tacos (usually order without the salsa and then will add my own later) if I am having dinner or for brunch the machaca con papas was amazing!

Portage Bay Cafe – This is a Seattle classic! With three locations open in Seattle it makes a great breakfast/brunch stop no matter where you are staying. It is famous for its toppings bar which you get to visit after the purchase of certain breakfast items, you can top your dish with everything your heart could desire! The also have a pretty extensive GF menu, my personal favourites to order is the gluten free french toast or Swedish pancakes.

If you have been to Seattle, or you live there I’d love to hear what your favourite places to eat are!

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