Hey everybody!!

Happy back to school season if that applies to you. I was recently lucky enough to receive the Influence Her Collective Fall Edition Box, and I have been using a number of the products regularly to get ready in the mornings for back to school. I wanted to share with you the really fun products I have been using to get ready in the morning. I will also be sharing my full Back To School Morning routine soon!

The Products:

– Otterbox: As I am sure many people relate to, I frequently check my phone first thing in the morning. I love that with Otterbox I can find cute cases that I also know will actually protect my phone in the event that I drop it (honestly it’s an inevitable for me.) I got the symmetry sleek protection case in the tropical print.

– Garnier: Garnier gifted me two different products in this box, one a long time favourite of mine and the other, a new favourite!

As you would know if you have ever read any of my skincare routines before the Garnier Micellar water is a tried and true favourite that have have honestly been using daily for YEARS. I truly don’t have enough great things to say about this product, I love that it is unscented and makes my skin feel nice and refreshed day or night and always does a great job taking my makeup off.

The other product that I was introduced to in this box was their rosewater spray. I have to be honest as much as I love a good facial spray I often get bothered by the harsh fragrance. I was so happy to find that the scent of this product was a lovely scent that wasn’t bothersome or overpowering. I have begun to spray this product day & night as well as any other time my face needs a refresh. Products can be purchased here.

– Febreze: I have been absolutely loving using the Odor Grab. As someone who lives in a house with people who are sensitive to perfumes I really love that this device has the ability to turn the scent defuser on or off. Regardless of having the scent on I find that my rooms seems much more fresh upon entry & I have been loving using it as white noise at night. I love that compared to many air purifiers this one is so small that I can fit it right on my bedside table!

– Steripod: If you’re also a University student like me who travels home for the occasional weekend, you know how handy it is to have a travel bag all packed up and ready to go. Steripod carries toothbrush protectors, razor protectors and tongue cleaners which are now essentials for me to keep in my travel bag.

– Juice Plus: Another back to school morning essential of mine are quick breakfasts or snacks for on the go. These juice plus packets are gluten free, non-GMO, high fiber, vegan, low glycemic and contain plant based protein including nutrition from more than 40 fruits and veggies. I love that I can feel good knowing that I am getting in my nutrients and fueling myself with something good even when in a rush. I personally really enjoyed the flavour of these and loved mixing them with my coffee in the morning!

A big thank you to all the companies, InfluenceHer Collective and Her Campus for putting this amazing box together and sharing all the products with me!!



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