I think that it is so important to make self care a focus again. Being the first Sunday of 2020 I want to be sure that my self-care Sundays are off to a good start, setting the precedent for the year to come.

Here are the things I am going to focus on this week and the weeks to come.


– Sunday’s are a day that I like to always get a workout in. Sometimes this is going for a run or taking a class. Other times I love to go on a great big walk with friends. Either way, I think the best way to start a Sunday off is by getting my body moving.

– Meal Prep: I also think that Sundays are the perfect day to try a new recipe. I am making it my goal this year to try new recipes more often and take some time on Sundays to meal prep for the week to come. I will definitely be sharing the recipes I make so keep your eyes out for those!


By no means necessary, I like to take the time to do a couple of beauty-related things on Sunday evenings to give myself a little confidence boost ahead, they often include:

– Hair mask

– Whiten teeth

– Face mask

– Self Tan (this doesn’t happen very often but occasionally I will)


Starting a week off on the right foot organizationally is so important I think. I like to take the time to prepare myself for the week ahead. This includes:

– Wiping down desk & tidying it up

– Write anything necessary in my planner for the week ahead

– Have everything ready for the next morning

– Put everything away in the bedroom, make sure nothing is out of place


– I am putting a focus this year on more reading and less watching. Ideally, I would like to be reading every day but I am going to ensure that every Sunday I get at least 30 minutes of reading done

– I also like to take the time to take a bath on Sundays, I feel like it is so relaxing and is the perfect calming way to spend an evening. (Also a great time to get the reading and masking done!)

Finally, Sundays are the day to ensure that I have everything ready for the week ahead. A lot of the time, seeing as I am a student, this will require me to get a couple of hours of homework in. Because I like to make Sundays an enjoyable day, I think that treating myself to a latte during homework at a cute coffee shop is the perfect source of balance.

Sundays are also the day where my blog posts go up. As much as I try to have them written in advance, that doesn’t always happen and sometimes I need to take some time to finish them Sunday mornings.

I would love to hear what you like to incorporate into your Sundays or any self-care day that you have. I hope y’all are having a relaxing day.

XO Cassidy Hannah


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